T.I.F.E. Overview

There are over 10 Institute For Entrepreneurs Coaching Programs taking place near you!

About The Institute

The Institute’s Vision:

To challenge and equip The Institute For Entrepreneurs to use their faith in the marketplace. For each Believer in Business to run and operate a multi-million dollar business. For each Believer in Business to Finance the Kingdom of God.

T.I.F.E. Training Academy Curriculum Students

The Institute’s Belief:

  • That operating a Kingdom Business is a ministry and a calling from God.

  • That God desires to confirm His covenant by enabling His people to make and give money.

  • That every Believer In Business is called to be a Financier of the Kingdom Of God.

  • That The Institute should exemplify integrity and excellence in the marketplace.

  • That The Institute should be a positive influence in their communities for Kingdom purposes.

The Institute’s Purpose:

  • To provide an atmosphere for teaching biblical business principles.

  • To provide a context of encouragement for Kingdom business people.

  • To disciple business owners who desire to have God as their business partner.

  • To hold the business owner accountable to God.

  • To educate the business owner about their role in the marketplace.

There are over 10 Institute For Entrepreneurs Coaching Programs taking place near you!

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Min. James L. Standfield


Min. James L. Standfield, “The Authority On Kingdom Entrepreneurship”, is one of America’s top authorities on Biblical Entrepreneurship, Sales, Marketing, Vision, Goal Setting and Time Management. Powerfully and positively impacting audiences from around the world. Min. James inspires and challenges entrepreneurs from all over to “raise the bar” both spiritually and entrepreneurially.

Min. James has the gift of exaltation and throughout his life he has challenged christian entrepreneurs to fully maximize their God-given gifts, talents and abilities. He strongly believes that once the christian entrepreneur maximizes these gifts, they will find true joy, happiness, peace and fulfillment. He strongly believes, that we all can achieve our highest potential in business. God has called him to take this message to the masses.

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