The Institute for Entrepreneurs – Uganda

Kampala, Uganda


With over 500 business owners attending the “Uganda’s 2017 Anointed For Business Conference”, The Institute For Entrepreneurs – Uganda (TIFEU) under the direction of Pastor Rashid Mukisa Nsubuga is looking to continue its expansion. The conference will be an annual event here in Kampala, but we’re looking aggressively to have these conferences all over Africa. Our training and programs are one of the top programs in the country and the goal is to get every business owner in Africa to take part in our entrepreneurial training.

The Institute For Entrepreneurs – Uganda (TIFEU) is still looking for a new office in the Kampala area. The goal is try to find classroom space in an ideal location – centrally located, near good restaurants, has security and free parking. With the support and partnership of the local Kampala community, donors, etc. the momentum will grow.

Pastor Rashid, did a great job preparing for the “Uganda 2017 Anointed For Business Conference” and ongoing operations. One of TIFE Uganda’s greatest strengths will be the quality of their local facilitators. We will primarily be recruiting from churches, looking for business owners there, however, Pastor Rashid has created a network of relationships that supported the launch and growth of the TIFE Uganda. Most already own their own businesses, with some being quite substantial.

Pastor Rashid is also President/CEO of Frontline Christian Mission, an organization that pioneers and leads initiatives that empowers Pastors, Leaders, Business Owners and Communities in Africa.


TIFE – Uganda is supported by the Ugandan community and its donors and supporters. We have a big vision for transforming Uganda and need help from those of like mind and vision. There are a number of ways you can volunteer to serve in a TIFE – Uganda Business Development Center:

  • Donate We are in need of financial partners willing to support this project through a tax-deductible financial gift. We will send you updates and stories about the lives, families, and communities that are changed because of the program in Uganda.

  • Be a Visiting Executive VEs are typically business owners, executives and entrepreneurs who travel to a Business Development Center where they meet with our learners and graduates to provide them with council, coaching and mentoring. A second role for VEs is to consult with government policy makers and to teach seminars aimed at various business sectors where they have expertise.

  • Become a Distance Consultant Our students appreciate the assistance of an online mentor as they continue their business ventures post graduation. You can help them succeed without a passport.

  • Prayer & Encouragement Partners – Our students and graduates also greatly appreciate intercessors that provide encouragement through prayer, specifically for them and their businesses.

Contact us if you would like to volunteer to serve or get involved with a TIFE – Uganda Business Development Center!

We are anticipating God’s continued faithfulness as we keep growing a global network of TIFE – Uganda BDC’s around the world. Stay up to date on TIFE – Uganda‘s web and Facebook pages, and Twitter pages.


TIFE – Uganda is committed to adding its unique piece to the mosaic of the kingdom business movement, by being a stimulant for economic growth.

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The resources available from TIFE – Uganda are intended for anyone looking to integrate their faith into their business and causing a major impact in the entrepreneurial world.

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